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Novacium’s comprehensive approach to sustainability drives positive impacts across our partnerships, projects, and the communities we serve. We’re committed to being responsible corporate neighbours and are enthusiastic in supporting the transition to an environmentally friendly future.

3 Guiding Pillars

Novacium’s sustainability pillars reinforce one another to create a robust and cost-effective framework for next-generation materials development. Together, they form the foundation upon which Novavium is building the future of clean industry.

High Performance Materials

The utilization of high-performance materials is at the core of our approach. We believe in harnessing the power of cutting-edge materials that not only meet industry standards but exceed them.

Cost Reduction

To enable widespread adoption, sustainable technologies need to be economically viable. Through innovative practices and strategic partnerships, we diligently optimize and streamline production processes to drive costs to new lows. In addition to benefitting our partners’ bottom lines, we’re making a net zero future accessible to a broader audience.

Carbon Reduction

By leveraging the most high-tech processes on the market, we drive carbon emissions to new lows. Our advanced technology enables decarbonization in difficult-to-abate sectors, helping push the world closer to a net zero future.

Results that Drive the Global Adoption of Sustainable Solutions

At the forefront of Novacium’s innovative silicon solutions lies a steadfast commitment to advancing sustainability. We prioritize the utilization of cutting-edge materials that not only meet industry standards but exceed them. By focusing on materials with superior quality and durability, we further the adoption of sustainable solutions around the globe.

Green hydrogen production

The vast majority of today’s hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels, resulting in 2% of global emissions each year. To achieve net zero carbon by 2050, the world needs to scale the production of clean, zero-emission hydrogen using hydrolysis. At Novacium, our team is using cutting-edge technology to do just that — building out the future of green hydrogen to support sustainable economic growth for decades to come.

Why Silicon?

Silicon has long held promise as a next-generation material for lithium-ion battery anodes, as it boasts up to ten tens the energy capacity of standard graphite alternatives.

The challenge in battery applications, however, has traditionally been durability. When lithium ions are densely packed into silicon anodes and subject to regular expansion and contraction during charging cycles, cracking and degradation can occur. Eventually, this decreases battery lifespan.

Many of the proposed solutions to this problem — like lithium-resistant silicon anodes — rely on expensive starting materials and intricate processes that require specialized equipment. To address these challenges, Novacium has developed sustainable silicon-based particles for battery and hydrogen applications, enabling high performance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness all-in-one.


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