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Visionary, Expert, Committed.

Decades of Expertise in Renewable Energy and Silicon Technology

Guided by the expertise of three seasoned research engineers, Novacium seamlessly fuses scientific acumen with an unyielding commitment to innovation.


Chief Executive Officer

Over the course of the last 35 years, Mr. Tourillon has held senior-level executive positions encompassing finance, accounting, marketing, administration, and business development across a spectrum of industries including banking, manufacturing, exploration, mining, and technology companies.

Since joining HPQ Silicon in 2006, he has been pivotal in overseeing fundraising activities and financial transactions exceeding $52 million.

Taking the helm of HPQ Silicon in 2015, Mr. Tourillon successfully steered the company’s transformation from a simple High Purity Quartz and Gold exploration mining entity to a cutting-edge technology powerhouse in 2022. His passion lies in innovation and green technology, constantly seeking ways to optimize processes and take raw materials to their maximum value across the Western Hemisphere. This vision materializes across three crucial initiatives: silica, fumed silica, and hydrogen.

Mr. Tourillon was instrumental in securing the partnership with PyroGenesis Canada Inc., a world leader in plasma technology and high-temperature processes, to develop for HPQ the PUREVAP™ QUARTZ REDUCTION REACTOR (QRR), and the FUMED SILICA REACTOR (FU-SI-RE).

His unwavering commitment to research and innovation culminated in his co-founding of Novacium. As one of the four founders, Mr. Tourillon played a key role in assembling a highly proficient technical team, emphasizing the creation of high-value products.

At Novacium, Mr. Tourillon’s primary focus and mandate is to lead the company in its steadfast pursuit of pioneering R&D and producing high-calibre commercial materials.


Chief Operations Officer


Chief Technical Officer


Innovation Director

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