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Novacium is an innovative start up based in France, that specializes in next-generation material development. Through R&D, the company advances manufacturing processes of clean-tech products.

Our company’s foundation is built upon decades of cutting-edge R&D and a breadth of industry knowledge.

Founded by three materials science engineers and HPQ Silicon — a silicon technologies provider — Novacium is developing new and innovative particle solutions for battery and hydrogen applications.

Big Ideas. Bigger Ambitions.

Novacium's Guiding Principles


Embracing a disruptive approach, Novacium challenges Battery and Hydrogen Industries, propelling groundbreaking innovations that redefine the landscape of sustainable energy solutions.


Novacium is purposeful and intentional as we work to actualize a higher goal: shaping the future of industrial sustainability with transformative energy solutions.


Anchored in a collaborative ethos, Novacium amplifies its impact through partnerships with HPQ and other industry partners, consultants, research institutes and academic laboratories, weaving a network of expertise and resources that supercharge the quest for sustainable energy solutions.

Our Culture

At Novacium, our commitment to realizing a sustainable future unites us.

Our team is driven by a common purpose — to accelerate the transition to a greener, more sustainable world.

We embrace innovation, collaboration, and a fearless spirit in our quest to drive a positive impact, and are dedicated to pioneering solutions that harness the power of clean technology for generations to come.

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