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Led by industry professionals Jed Kraim, Julien Dègoulange, and Oleksiy Nichiporuk, Novacium is a hub of expertise and innovation. With over 50 years of combined experience, Novacium is at the forefront of developing next-generation materials to enable a future powered by sustainable energy solutions.

Collaborative Approach

We actively pursue strategic partnerships with experts who bring complementary skills and knowledge, particularly within Europe. This includes consultants with extensive experience in Silicon, materials characterization, battery laboratories, and process engineering.

These collaborations empower us to expand our capabilities and broaden our impact. Our collaborative approach has played a pivotal role in a variety of European projects aimed at driving industry innovation and sustainability.

Novacium’s team has a track record of leading large-scale research projects, with budgets of up to 30 million euros. Drawing on our collective expertise in renewable energy and silicon technology, Novacium excels in battery development, green hydrogen production, and the supercapacity market. Through our dedication to innovation and sustainability, we are poised to transform the energy landscape with breakthrough technologies and collaborative efforts.

Battery Development

Novacium is redefining the capabilities of energy storage with our groundbreaking use of silicon for battery anodes. Our innovative use of silicone monoxide allows us to build batteries that can be charged over 2000 cycles, breaking longstanding barriers in materials degradation. With a clear focus on civilian and military applications, Novavcium is setting new performance benchmarks in the battery development landscape.

Hydrogen Production

We’re transforming green hydrogen production by integrating silicon-containing alloys into autonomous systems. Our technology mitigates the challenges of traditional hydrogen transport, offering a safer and more cost-efficient solution. The result? Efficient, sustainable hydrogen production, along with valuable by-products like alloys that have multiple industrial uses.

Supercapacity Market

Novacium is at the forefront of incorporating supercapacitors in green hydrogen production. Our technology ensures a stable, consistent energy supply, optimizing and enhancing overall hydrogen generation efficiency.

Unparalleled Expertise in
Renewable Energy and Silicon Technology

Unparalleled Expertise in Renewable Energy and Silicon Technology

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